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Is cloth diapering difficult?

NO! Not at all. Modern flat cloth diapers can make cloth diapering easy, enjoyable and better for the entire family.  If this is your first time using flats, there’s certainly a learning curve, however many people find them a great addition to their cloth diapering journey.

What about the poop?

Well, what about the poop? You can wipe it off the diaper, rinse the diaper and wash the diaper – it’s really that simple.  Some people dunk and swish the diaper in the toilet, others use a diaper sprayer, and others simply take some toilet paper and wipe the diaper out. Personally, the latter has been my go to, and then I rinse the diaper in the laundry tub before washing. 

What materials are the flats made of and what sizes do they come in?

The flats are made of bamboo/hemp stretch French Terry.  French terry is smooth on one side and has little loops on the other side. They’re super stretchy, which means you can get a nice tight fit around babe.  The bamboo/hemp combination makes them superior at absorption, and when folded, you can get varying layers to suit your babe’s wetting needs.

All the RTS flats are 28” square with serged edges.  If you have a custom request, please feel free to purchase a custom spot!

Do flats need a cover?

Yes, flats are not water resistant and do require a cover. You can use any type of cover you like – PUL, TPU, wool or fleece.

Is the dye in the flats and headbands safe for use?

Absolutely. All the dye is fibre reactive; the dye attaches permanently to the fibres, and if washed in cool/warm water, will not fade. I’ve had dyed flats for years (and years) and they still look as vibrant as the day I dyed them!

How do I wash my flats?

I recommend that you wash prior to use. When in rotation with your other cloth diapers, unfold, dispose of solids, wash in cool or warm water with detergent.  No special detergent needed, whatever your family likes. Dry on medium or hang to dry. I also recommend that you stay away from using fabric softeners or dryer sheets on your diapers.

So, when I get my flats home and have a question, can I ask you?

Of course! I love hearing from you and love supporting you with any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out to the email address at any time. You can also follow us on all the social media – FB (there’s a page and a really fun b/s/t and chat group) as well as IG, and send me messages that way.