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The Diaper Drawer

The Diaper Drawer - A cloth diaper lending program

I have been using cloth diapers for four children, over approximately nine years.  I have tried and tested every single type of cloth diaper, and virtually every different brand out there. Mostly for fun, and also to find the right type of cloth diaper for the needs at the time; children grow, and as each is different, each may need a different type of diaper at different periods of their little life. I would like to believe that I have influenced others to at least think about cloth diapers in a new way, even if they haven’t taken the plunge. I love cloth diapers so much, that I even started making my own!
My hope is that this loan program helps parents or caregivers to seriously consider using cloth diapers, giving them an opportunity to test the waters without the potentially big financial investment. 
Why should you try this program?
Most people don’t believe me when I tell them that cloth diapers really aren’t that tricky – but they’re not! People have many misconceptions around the use and laundering of cloth diapers. This program is a great opportunity to banish those myths, and perhaps entice you into the wonderful world of cloth diapers.
Did you know that on average, one disposable diaper can sit in a landfill for hundreds of years? If you know babies, they use A LOT of diapers. Even by giving this program a chance for two weeks, you could possibly be keeping upwards of 30 diapers out of a landfill. And that’s something to feel pretty good about.
Along with the obvious environmental benefits of cloth diapering, they’re pretty darn fun to use, easy to launder and can have some financial benefits as well. If you really like using cloth, and want to purchase your own afterward, they’re usually still in great shape after one baby. They can easily be used on subsequent babies (whether they’re your babies, you give them away or sell them).
By trying this program, you can rest in knowing that you tried (saved a bunch of garbage from the landfill) and either liked it or realized it wasn’t for you.  If you have any questions at all, I’m around to help!

What's included?

All in Ones (AIO)
-4 Bumgenius elementals
Pocket diapers
-3 Bumgenius one size pockets
-3 Apple Cheeks pockets
-2 Alva Baby pockets
-2 Bummis whisper wraps
-2 Thirsties covers
-2 Wool wraps
Pocket diaper/cover inserts
-20 Rearz brand 100% unbleached cotton prefolds (these can be used to stuff the pocket diapers and line the covers)
-1 Bin to store soiled diapers
-15 disposable diaper liners
-10 fleece diaper liners
As you can see, this is a wide variety of types of diapers, as well as brands of diapers. Depending on your taste and what works for your baby, you will probably find that at least one of these types works really well for you. Typically, most people have to do some trial and error purchasing different cloth diapers before they find what works really well for them – I’ve taken that out of the equation, and you’re free to purchase what actually works for you, the first time.
You may have noticed that 2 wool wraps are included in the package…wool is ah-may-zing. So many people are intimidated by wool, but I have grown to absolutely love using wool on my babies and around our home. I really wanted to share that joy with others, which is why I included these in the package. You DO NOT have to wash the wool covers, simply spot clean with some mild soap and hang to dry. *When we meet to talk about how to use and launder the cloth diapers, I’ll give you all the wooly goodness information about why wool rocks*