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Raw Silk Washcloths

Raw Silk Washcloths

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These are the ultimate in luxury for your skin! and come in a pack of two

The tightly woven fibres in raw silk help to keep moisture close to your skin, maintaining an ideal moisture balance, thus making your skin less dehydrated and great for those who tend to have drier skin.

 Raw silk is a gentle exfoliator and is made without chemicals, is hypoallergenic, and also has antimicrobial properties. 

Some individuals struggle with skin issues while pregnant and in the fourth trimester - these washcloths are a perfect addition to your skin routine. 

-Washcloths should be hand washed in cool water -- if you already use a gentle soap (or baby soap!) just a squirt will do!  Rinse well and hang to dry.  They dry so quickly!

-Washcloths are finished with black thread and a rolled hem.

Pssst...we also have raw silk diaper liners that are a great alternative to diaper cream, if you’re trying to clear up some pesky diaper rash


Fibre Content: 100% raw silk noil